Why Don’t You Buy Your Man Silky Lingerie for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just over a month away, and this time around, you might just be lingerie shopping for two.

Japanese label, Wish Room, has launched the line of men’s intimates that no one asked for, and shockingly, it’s selling like hot cakes. The collection, which ranges from silky nightgowns to floral bras and panties, is apparently filling a void in the marketplace that’s been missing for some time.

“Since we launched the men’s bra, we’ve been getting feedback from customers saying ‘wow, we’d been waiting for this for such a long time’,” Wishroom Executive Director Akiko Okunomiya told Reuters.

Whether or not this demand comes from men, or just women who are tired of their boyfriends stealing and wearing their underwear, is unclear. Either way, there’s promise for men to “enjoy the same kind of soft, luxurious undergarments that women are used to”.

The designs are built specifically for men with larger frames, but still features the customary ingredients to sexy, women’s underthings: lace, florals, and most puzzlingly, underwire. So as not to make the men wearing lingerie feel silly (is that really a necessary concern?) the bras lack padding, for a more natural feel.

We have our doubts that women’s lingerie for men will catch on the way boyfriend jeans did for women…

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