PHOTOS: The 10 Worst Dressed Celebs At The Met Gala

We never thought we’d end up with so much Prada on the worst dressed list for an event in honor of the brand, but it just goes to show that label isn’t everything. On an evening where everyone’s watching (and werking) there really is no room for error.

And in the end, so much came down to fit. While Florence Welch’s froufy Alexander McQueen was inexcusable (and incredibly repetitive), Gwyneth Paltrow’s pale purple Prada would have had potential if it had resembled anything more than a child-size apron. Kristen Stewart ran into the similar (if opposite) problem in her thoroughly modern Balenciaga look, which bagged around her hips and ran at least an inch or two too long, especially when paired with thick-strapped white sandal-booties. Scarlett Johansson‘s gown made the list both for looking dated and having a bafflingly long bodice, Eva Mendes gave us a first rate lesson in how not to wear a peplum, and Jessica Chastain managed to once again not meet our inexplicably high (and, at this point, unwarranted) expectations. Lea Michele needs to learn how to choose between a plunging v and daring slit, Anja Rubik has worked in fashion long enough to know that while black cutouts look sexy, white ones most definitely look cheap, and not even Chloe Sevigny’s badass bootie clogs could save her from the folly that is forgetting one’s slip.

A final caveat: Diane Kruger made this list not because she looked terrible, but because she failed so spectacularly at wearing a violet, feather-fringed Prada creation that would have been stunning had it not bagged so distractingly around her torso.

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