Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe On Their New Single, Björk, And Shopping In Airports

Mia Moretti Caitlin Moe new single
If you haven’t personally attended an event scored by DJ Mia Moretti and electric violinist Caitlin Moe (going by her newly adapted moniker, Margot), then you’ve definitely seen them in the press. They’ve performed all over the world (Chelsea Clinton’s wedding (!) and with Janet Jackson) as the DJ’ing duo, but they’re taking their place in music history to the next level with an original, summer-worthy tune. Known as The Dolls, the two have a new single released yesterday on iTunes, called “Summer of ’93.” And you can bet it’s an homage to the now-so-nostalgic decade.

But music isn’t all the girls ought to be noted for. They’re notorious for their eclectic style and seamless ability to transition from edgy to elegant. I know—another set of blonde DJs in cool clothes. But it’s more than that. The girls take a creative, down-to-earth approach to their wardrobe. There’s a difference between having style and simply being fashionable, and these two are the epitome of the former. Gaining inspiration from all over the world, the two curate their closets like a trendy museum we’d pay to get into.

To get to know The Dolls a little better, we quizzed them about the real meaning behind their new single, their creative inspirations, and everything we need to know to dress like an international superstar.

When you travel, where are you favorite places to shop? Do you map out spots you want to hit up beforehand, or just see where your travels take you?
Mia: We usually don’t get a lot of time to shop when we’re on the road, so we end up being pretty resourceful.

It’s amazing what you can find at the most unlikely of places, like airports, hotel shops, beauty salons, and street fairs.

Do you have any pieces scored on your travels that you’re exceptionally proud of?
Mia: We recently got back from Turkey, where we returned with suitcases dedicated only to vintage kaftans. Nothing can pull an outfit together like a colorful robe.

What else are y’all into right now?
Margot: Our new single is a tribute to the ’90s, so in true ’90s spirit, we dedicated our merchandise to some of our favorite trends of the decade. We made “Summer of ’93” sports bras and denim bucket hats.

If you could collaborate with any fashion designer, who would it be?
Mia: I love COI [Conflict of Interest], because they are always taking a creative look on fashion, and twisting the conventional.

I’m not that attracted to designers that take themselves too seriously. Although fashion is important, it should never stop being fun.

Any particular fashion icons?
Mia: I think Miuccia Prada sets an amazing example, being someone that is influential, but uses that influence to achieve other means. She’s a feminist, an artist, a lover, and a fan. It’s important to never stop paying attention to what is going on around you in the world, and to be affected by it.

Where do you find your artistic inspirations, visually and musically? And how does that influence your sense of style?
Margot: The orchestra has always been one of my biggest influences. There’s something about seeing all of that instrumentation come to life that transcends listening to it on speakers. I’ve been most impressed by artists who can combine that world with the electronic world, some of my favorites being Sigur Ros and Olafur Arnalds. I love the concept of clean, beautiful sounds mixed with distortion and electronic instruments.

I’d say that’s exactly how I dress: like a girl who just discovered ‘90s rock but still loves going to the orchestra.

Read anything good lately?
Mia: I’m a big fan of Colum McCann; I loved Let The Great World Spin, Zoli, and This Side of Brightness. His new novel, TransAtlantic, comes out this week, which I’m looking forward to. I’ve also recently gone back and read some E.L. Doctorow classics that I missed, Ragtime and The Book of Daniel were both immediate favorites.

What are some favorite tunes on your IPod right now?
Mia: We love our new Swedish girls Elliphant and Icona Pop, but we also are big fans of Purity Ring, Grimes, Angel Haze, and a lot of the Nu-disco that’s coming out of New York and L.A., like Classixx, RAC, Eli Escobar, Holy Ghost!, and Jessica 6.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to (for fun)?
Margot: When I was in Reykjavik last year, I saw Björk in a small room at Harpa, the beautiful contemporary concert hall. Her record Biophilia was all about connecting technology, music, and nature. She commissioned an artist to create a gravity harp that produced sounds programmed by a computer each time the pendulum swung back and forth. There was also a choir of twenty teenage girls and other electronic instruments I’ve never seen before. It was the most inspiring show I’ve been to.

That sounds like the coolest thing ever. What’s the most memorable concert you’ve ever played?
I think we both agree that playing inside the I.M. Pei Pyramid at the Louvre, opening for Janet Jackson, tops any and all lists. We are heading back to Paris next week to play there again, we’ll have to think of something amazing to do to trump last year!

What inspired the two of you to make this single? It seems like a natural extension of your DJ career, but is there something more to it?
Margot: We created The Dolls as an outlet to release original music.
Mia: Yeah, as DJs you are constantly adapting to fit the crowd or event you are playing, so we wanted to do something that could be more consistent with where we are musically and what we wanted to express as artists.

What do you hope listeners will take away from your new single?
Mia: A sense of nostalgia and a memory of a lost lover that is gone but maybe not forgotten.

“Summer of ’93” is a reflection of someone who has fallen out of love—the sadness or regret that comes along with that, as well as the responsibility. Sometimes selfishness or fear will try to overpower your emotions, but we wanted to write an honest song for all the lovers out there that aren’t living in a fairytale.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you have to have there with you?
Mia: My lover
Margot: My whiskey

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