Michael Kors’ New Ads Look Like The Beginning Of A Porn Flick

If sex sells, Michael Kors is about to make a lot of money. His new men’s underwear ads aren’t focused so much on putting on a fresh pair of boxer briefs as they are on getting a woman to take them off.

Or at least that’s what we’re getting at face value. The ads star two faceless models, one of whom is a fairly muscular guy wearing a pair of Kors’ new shorts. Behind him is a naked woman who seems to really want the guy in the ad to be naked, too. We know this because she has half of her fist down the guy’s waistband. Wear these underwear and women will want you to not wear these underwear! It’s not exactly subtle, but then again most advertising never is.

Still, we’ve seen worse (cough, Tom Ford, cough), so we can’t even call these images NSFW. But they are risque, so you might want to make sure there’s no one sitting behind your computer before you scroll down and take a look.


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