PHOTO: Michael Musto Makes A Great Lady Gaga

We have no doubt that Lady Gaga‘s now infamous meat dress will go down in history as one of the more iconic creations of 2010 — thanks in no small part to an undeniable excess of homages. In addition to a Barbie, a steakhouse creation, and a ground beef toupee worn by Bruce Willis — the Village Voice’s Michael Musto’s has offered up his very own take on Gaga’s ensemble, an image which may in fact be better than the original.

For his Year-in-Review piece for the Voice, Musto broke from the listicle form and had himself photographed as some of 2010′s most memorable figures. Snooki, Justin Bieber, and Mel Gibson all make for fine subjects, but there’s something about Musto decked out in meat couture that makes everything else seem decidedly déclassé.

[Village Voice via Gawker.]

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