President Obama, Madeleine Albright, & More On Michelle’s New Bangs

It was, in the words of President Obama, the “most significant event of this weekend.” No, we’re not talking about the POTUS being sworn in to office for a second term; we’re talking about Michelle Obama‘s rockin’ new haircut!

The First Lady debuted the above-the-shoulder crop with blunt bangs on her 49th birthday last week, and the cut has since made waves online and around Washington because, as you may know, bangs are a very contentious issue. Maybe not fiscal cliff-contentious, but they certainly get people talking. Michelle’s set has one very important fan, though, as the President affirmed while at the podium at a donors dinner this weekend. “I love her bangs,” Obama said to the cheering crowd. “She looks good! She always looks good.”

The Daily Beast also asked a whole host of the celebrities and politicians that are in town for the inauguration how they felt about the chop, including Harvey Weinstein, Star Jones, the mayor of Los Angeles, and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who seemed inspired to be more experimental with her own ‘do. Maybe she can borrow one of Hillary Clinton‘s scrunchies?

In any case, from one bangs-haver to another, Michelle, we’d like to formally welcome you to the club! Better start mastering your blow drying technique.

Watch celebs offer their support for the FLOTUS’ cut below, and see the President’s message over at BuzzFeed:

[BuzzFeed and The Daily Beast]

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