PHOTOS: Why Didn’t Michelle Obama Dress Up For Halloween?

So. We do, in fact, have an undying love for first lady Michelle Obama — we kinda think she’s the greatest thing to happen to women’s fashion since the LBD. Why? She’s always really, really well dressed, has a positive economic impact on almost every brand she wears and never misses the opportunity to make a statement with her wardrobe.

This year’s White House Halloween party was apparently not the occasion for statements. The annual child-friendly soiree looks like it was a lot of adorable fun, and Michelle looked great in a sequined orange top and a cardigan in the same color. Problem is, unless she wanted to look like a really glamorous pumpkin with a penchant for wearing bee-shaped brooches, her ensemble wasn’t really a costume.

Last year, though, the first lady wore an understated costume. She paired a leopard print sweater set with fuzzy cat years, cat-eye eyeliner and an healthy stack of gold bangles. She looked like what the president called a “very nice looking Catwoman.” It was simple, classic and feminine without being safe or boring. By which we mean to say, it was very Michelle. We feel it would be irresponsible not to ask, what gives this time around?

Does the president’s slipping approval rating make her feel that she should be a little more serious or — dare we say it — austere this time around? Did she not have time to shop for a costume because she was busy running the world as we know it? Did Jill Biden steal her idea to dress as a pastiche of first ladies from time gone by?

Compare this year’s, uh, cardigan with last year’s cat costume and let us know why you think she didn’t dress up. On this one, we have to admit, we’re kinda stumped.

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