Why You Shouldn’t Wear Sperrys To The White House

Yesterday, every fashion blogger in America got his or her knickers in a twist because Michelle Obama finally wore Marc Jacobs. And while we here at Styleite had been holding our breath just like everyone else for the overdue meeting of MO and MJ, we couldn’t help but notice that the aforementioned Stylegasm was accompanied by a pretty serious crime of fashion — and an overwhelming show of disrespect.

Because on the same day the first lady picked out the sequin-bedecked cocktail dress to wear at a White House holiday reception, a member of the a cappella group the Obamas invited to sing at the party went into his closet and made the conscious decision to wear a beat up pair of Sperry Topsiders for the occasion.

Don’t get us wrong, now. There’s nothing wrong with Sperrys — when it’s warm enough, we could more or less wear one of our three pairs of the shoes every day. But despite all the talking the first lady does about the White House being the people’s house, it’s not a place where we’d feel comfortable kicking back and just wearing whatever. Because, you know, all of the important history that gets made there on a daily basis demands at least a well-maintained pair of loafers.

A quick glance at photo below of the president (natty as usual in a dark gray suit), first lady (shutting things down like the most elegant walking disco ball that ever was) and the group of singers reveals that almost everyone understood the groovy gravitas of this shindig. Most of the guys turned up in smart blazers, decent shirts and festive ties. Also there were OK trousers and lots of oxfords — and one rakish dude took a risk on a pair of suede saddle shoes. But Mr. Sperry, all the way over at the far left of the photo, didn’t even seem to have time to run a comb through his hair before going through the various security checks that would get him in front of the first couple. And it’s that kind of wanton disregard of who he was standing in front of (and for where he was) that we just cannot abide.

We understand that the respect once afforded an American president is dwindling and has been for a while. Almost exactly two years ago someone tried to throw a shoe at the last guy we had in office, and President Obama once got called a liar from across the room on national television. But dudes. Seriously. If you don’t even have enough respect for yourself that there’s none left over to show to people who outrank you by miles, don’t perform at the White House.

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