Michelle Obama: The World’s Most Practical Dresser

Try as we might, we (and by we, we mean the fashion community at large) simply can’t convince First Lady Michelle Obama that what she wears has an importance beyond making her look good and covering up what needs covering up. So when she sat down with reporters for lunch at the White House this week, she shooed away the suggestion that her wardrobe is any different from any other American woman’s. “Clothes are just the thing you wear to do the stuff you need to do,” she said.

One of the things she needed to do was go to the state dinner for China, to which she wore that stunning red Alexander McQueen dress that caused so much controversy. (Some people said she looked fat, others said she looked like a traitor.)

Obama said she’s really just trying to look good:

“I like to patronize American designers, and the vast majority of the clothes that I wear are [designed by Americans.] But there are a lot of other designers that have cute stuff, too.”

Her chic wardrobe of designer pieces, however, is at odds with such a straightforward statement. Obama’s clothes aren’t just cute, they are ladylike and powerful, classic and on trend all at the same time. But the first lady insists that she’s focused on reality, not the runway:

“It’s really just sort of, how cold is it? Do I have to stand outside, and what am I going to use to cover my arms if I’m freezing so I’m not shivering while I have to give a speech? It’s really stuff like that. And I know people are sort of thinking that it’s different, but it’s real practical stuff like that.”

We’re glad she’s staying warm, but we hope one day she’ll own up to how fabulous she is, too.

Michelle Obama On What She Wears [Politico Click]

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