Michelle Obama Likes To Be ‘Comfortable & Pretty’, Used To Shop At Target

Remember “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”? Well, now it’s “Take Your Daughter and Son to Work Day”, and First Lady Michelle Obama got in on the action, chatting up a group of White House kids during yesterday’s festivities. As always, she had some pragmatic words about style.

As StyleList reports, an adorable exchange went down between Michelle and a 10-year-old girl named Cynthia, who asked her how she picks her clothes out:

“How do I choose my clothing? You know, it kind of depends on what I’m doing today, so after this, I have to do a luncheon, so I wanted to wear something that was comfortable, but also kind of pretty because it’s a luncheon with some ladies. And — but when I’m doing something where I’m outside and it’s going to be hot, or I’m going to be running around, I’ll wear something that’s comfortable for that. So it really depends on the day and how I feel. I thought, I like this dress, it’s pretty, and I felt like being pretty today. Did it work? Is it pretty? Am I working?”

She indeed looked very pretty (and comfortable!) in a floral DVF dress and cardigan! As far as the disadvantages of the FLOTUS gig?

“Before we lived here, we were normal people. I had a job, I drove my own car, I took my kids to school every day. I went to Target and shopped for my groceries. And, you know, that may sound like minor things, but once you can’t do any of that ever again, you start feeling like, well, this is a little strange. So sometimes it becomes difficult to live in what we call a bubble.”

We feel you, Michelle! Also, we love Target, too!

[StyleList & ABC News]

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