Michelle Williams Covers GQ, Finally Opens Up About Heath In Somber Interview

There is an unspoken law that if a female actress plays an iconic figure in a movie, she will be photographed as such for every magazine cover and article pegged to its release. Case in point: Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. It’s interesting and clever the first time around, but it gets stale really quickly, which is why we’re incredibly disappointed with GQ’s February cover, though Williams’ heart-wrenching profile inside makes every requisite bra-and-panty shot worth it.

Naturally, the coverline gives no inkling of the depth and, unfortunately, the sadness portrayed in the article. It reads, instead, “Who knew Michelle Williams had this body?”, which is insulting on a myriad of levels. The headline of the article is similarly vapid: “Some Like It Hot”. You know, like that Monroe movie?

Speaking of Monroe, the article covers very little of Williams’ portrayal and instead focuses on her life from being an emancipated fifteen year old living alone in Los Angeles to the devastating death of the father of her child, Heath Ledger — all of which is fascinating and deeply melancholic and not at all appropriately teased.

Like this part, in which Williams discusses why she and Heath were drawn to each other:

“There’s an answer that I know,” she says, “but I don’t want to say.” She talks around this not-saying for a while, then says, “Our initial meeting, the circumstances of how we first met, were cosmic or something.” They were together through the shoot, and soon she was pregnant. “Yeah, a lot of things happened at once,” she says. “It’s a bit like: We had a lot of things to do, because we didn’t have a lot of time, or something.”

Or this, which requires no context:

Do you think there was a part of you that imagined the two of you would somehow end up together?

Immediately, I wish that I hadn’t. The look on her face—a kind of juddering visceral alarm at what has been said…I don’t wish to see that look many more times in my life. “That would make me way too sad to answer,” she says quickly, and I hurriedly begin another question, about something completely different, hoping that if I say it fast enough these new words will chase the old words away from where they are hanging in the air between us, and maybe she will let me pretend that it was something I never said.

“No, no,” she says, and I can see the tears forming, and I think she means that she doesn’t want to answer any more questions about anything. I mutter some kind of apology under my breath.

But, even now, I’m wrong about everything. Mostly she is just trying to stop my new question. She has something to tell me.

“No,” she says. “I said it would make me too sad to answer but it’s also…”—and she nods even as her voice breaks once more with tears—”…one of my favorite things to imagine.” And through the tears, a beaming, almost beatific smile stretches room-wide across her face. “It’s actually one of my favorite places to visit.”

Headlines and coverlines notwithstanding, we highly recommend you read the whole article here, if only for a fresh (if sad) take on the usual celebrity profile.

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