Mickey Boardman Weighs In On The Rachel Zoe-Brad Goreski Feud

Paper‘s Mickey Boardman is a front row staple and one of the most quotable guys in the biz. We caught up with him at today’s Peter Som show, where he was decked out in a polo, suit pants (“These are pants from a Joseph Abboud suit. I can’t find the jacket. That’s a whole other story because I have so many clothes.”), white sneakers, and a Provo scarf designed by his friend Irini Arakas (“I don’t really wear scarves that much, but this is leopard print and has dangly fringe and sparkles.”) He aptly called the look “sparkle clown mixed with business man”.

Tell us about your shoes! We wish we were wearing sneakers.

I’m obsessed with Superga shoes. It’s a little weird to wear white shoes in winter, but I’m obsessed with Superga shoes now. I don’t wear leather or suede, and Supergas are great because they’re cruelty-free and cute.

What are you looking forward to most this week?

I am from Hanover Park, Ill., and it’s a miracle of faith and destiny to me that I’m not the assistant manager at the Benetton store at the Woodfield Mall. I’m happy to be in the building where there’s a fashion show, let alone in the front row.

Of course I always look forward to Marc Jacobs, that’s always amazing. I’m excited to see Brad Goreski. I’m going after this to see what he’s doing for Kate Spade. Two great tastes that taste great together! And I’m excited to see Rachel Zoe. I’m a little upset the two don’t speak allegedly, because I love them both. And later this week I actually have a meeting with Tay-Tay, her former assistant [Taylor Jacobson] who has her own show coming up. I love all three of them, and I wish all three of them could be friends because life is too short. But what are you going to?

Do you watch both shows?

Yes! My voice made an appearance on Brad’s show. The first episode was him shooting something for us. I’ve only seen the first one, I have the rest DVR’ed. He’s just adorable, I love him. And Rachel I actually did not watch this season. I need to go on Hulu or whatever, but I think she’s amazing and I think her reality show is one of the best reality shows. Like here she is with Margherita Missoni! And here she is with Donatella Versace! It really is an accurate depiction of what fashion’s like, and I think it really shows people. Like my mother’s obsessed with her. Every time I say I saw Rachel Zoe, she goes, “Did you tell her I got the fake fur vest from QVC that she did?”

What else is on your DVR?

Of course Downton Abbey, though I own both seasons on DVD…hello. Because you just need to have that in case friends haven’t seen it and they stop by. My favorite show, which now is done I am afraid but I hope comes back, is Too Fat For Fifteen on the Style Network. It’s about a school called Wellspring Academy. I can’t remember if it’s in North or South Carolina, but I believe North Carolina. It’s for overweight kids. It’s a school, but also like a fat camp. Being a weight watcher myself, I love shows about people trying to lose weight. It’s so inspiring, and I cry. This one girl Tanisha, I think she was 15 when she got there and she weighed over 500 pounds. And she’s lost like half of herself — she’s like 230 now. Another girl Hayley, I don’t know if she was over 500, but if not she was like 499.9. And they’re just great kids.

I love a show about change that’s positive, as opposed to a makeover show when they say you’re too slutty or too trashy. I like when they’re slutty! I don’t like when they turn them into like an Ann Taylor secretary. Although an Ann Taylor secretary look is fabulous if that’s who you are. But if you’re a slut, you should look like a slut, I say.

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