WATCH: Carla Bruni’s Movie Trailer Is On The Internet!

So Carla Bruni is only in the trailer for her new movie, Midnight in Paris, for about three seconds. But we love every one of those three seconds more than we’ve loved anything else this morning. Except maybe the muffin we had for breakfast. There was zucchini in it.

But we digress! We’ve talked a lot about Midnight in Paris, the Woody Allen-directed film about an American family on vacation in the City of Lights. Bruni (we’re guessing, based on the clip board she’s clutching for the three seconds she’s actually in the trailer) plays some kind of museum docent or art historian or something. She tries to school Michael Sheen‘s character on Rodin, but Michael Sheen’s character refuses to be schooled.

Anyway, the movie mostly focuses on Owen Wilson‘s character and his relationship with his wife, played by Rachel McAdams. (Although we seriously hope Bruni has a bigger role than is suggested by her minimal presence in the trailer.) Somewhere along the line, Wilson discovers that after midnight, Paris becomes this magical place. How magical? Well, you’ll have to see the movie to find out. Midnight in Paris debuts at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Take a peek at it below:

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