WATCH: Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Retainer Case Full Of Grills

“I have my grill in here,” explained Miley Cyrus, as she pulled out three pairs of shiny teeth jewelry from her retainer case. “I don’t know how Harper’s that is.” The “We Can’t Stop” singer sat down with Harper’s BAZAAR’s executive editor Laura Brown for the latest installment of The Look, and as we imagined, there were plenty of she’s just being Miley moments.

While we couldn’t possibly do this video justice with a summary, there were a couple of moments that really got us. For one, Brown has apparently heard from people in the biz that Cyrus has a freakish knowledge of fashion, a claim that immediately loses its validity when the pop star professes her love for Mo-Shi-No’s latest collection in that unmistakable Southern drawl. Apparently an expansive fashion expertise does not extend to the correct pronunciation of Moschino these days.

Another endearing moment comes along when Brown resurrects Cyrus’ last BAZAAR cover from 2010, in which a pre-twerk era Miley sports her former signature country hair and her sure-to-be-extinct-by-now guitar. We get all nostalgic until an earth-shattering revelation presents itself.

“That’s my simple life, yet I have 350 extensions in my hair,” she told Brown. “It wasn’t real. None of it was ever real. That was not growing out of my head.”

Forget broken dreams of big hair, when this year’s punk-themed Met Gala becomes the topic of conversation, she admitted that the night was “made for her,” which we might agree with because her entire musical career aside, she’s kind of like the modern day Siouxsie Sioux.

At the end of the video, Miley pulls her grills out of the Louis Vuitton bag that everyone in the world has (according to her), places them upon her pearly whites, and grits for the camera. Obviously you need to see this for yourself, so watch below:

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