Trash Talking The ’80s With Kristin Chenoweth At Milly

Despite the ever present line to get in, we tend to view the Milly show as a form of fashion week respite: we’ll have a seat, the clothes will be pretty and decidedly wearable, and there will be at least two friendly celebrity faces in the front row. On Wednesday, those faces were Louise Roe and Kristin Chenoweth, who couldn’t have been kinder and who seemed (at least when we saw them) relatively unmobbed considering their seat assignments.

While Kristin was chatting to what we think was a Fug Girl, we chatted with Louise about Los Angeles, our at this point almost deadly vitamin D deficiency, and the problem with the city of angel’s long-suffering fashion week. “I like LA better because of the lifestyle,” she explained. “You can get a bigger apartment, I like the driving thing, and TV-wise, there’s more there.” But New York does have its perks. “When I come to New York, I feel like I can breathe again.”

But when we asked her about L.A.’s fashion week, it was a whole different story. “It’s in serious need of rehab,” she declared, though she pointed out that some of fashion’s biggest darlings (Derek Lam, Rick Owens) are California boys. The solution? “Somebody just needs to give it some love.”

As for who she thinks is killing it this season, Golden stater Lam came first, but mean girl victim Victoria Beckham got some kudos too. “I’m really impressed with her colors.”

Chenoweth, on the other hand, only had eyes for Milly. “I pick one show every fashion week and this is my pick,” she explained before we moved on to more important things, like Glee. When asked her how she felt about her, yes, soon-to-be-reprised character’s style, she called it “unfortunate,” before adding, “but that’s whats great about it! She’s living in the ’80s.”

As for the clothes, they were bright, textured, and almost universally flattering — apart from a purple pair of what we think were corduroy gauchos. We’ll take the ’80s over those.

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