Mindy Kaling On Why She Loves The WNBA And Birkins

At first glance, Tory Burch and Mindy Kaling may seem like odd bedfellows. But then you look at it from Kaling’s perspective, which is that Burch is a “closeted bling-loving Indian woman… who loves tunics”, and you can’t help but think, “Mindy Kaling, you are awesome. Will you be our new best friend?” Which is exactly what we thought last night, as we rode uptown to Burch’s flagship store on Madison Avenue for Kaling’s book party.

It was, as we expected, a great party. Samantha Ronson DJ’ed (while sister Charlotte Ronson and Rachel Roy kept her in good company in the corner), Michelle Trachtenberg chatted with Annabel Tollman, and Joe Zee did his usual cheerful drive-by. And while we spent a good chunk of the evening fanning ourselves over our proximity to Styleite mancrush Ira Glass, we were really only there for Kaling.

Because of the intensity of our girlcrush, we spent a while thinking of ways to talk to her without coming across like freaky intense fans, and then we saw her sparkle nail polish and realized we had the perfect entree: We were wearing sparkle nail polish, too! It was a sign.

So we chugged our champagne, complimented her nails, and found ourselves grilling Kaling about who her girlcrushes were.

Tory Burch, which sounds like something I have to say, but it’s true! She’s just like Oprah! Rachel Roy, who is also here tonight, is the nicest and gorgeous. And then like, I love the WNBA! I just think that if you’re gonna be six feet tall as a woman, then, like, rock it. And they do! I love them on a whole other level. But Ellie Kemper is my big girl crush. She’s so funny, and she doesn’t mind being a dork.

And because Kaling loves shopping as much as we do, we just had to ask her what item she was currently drooling over. Without missing a beat, she answered, “A Birkin! I can’t afford it though. I think I’m doing pretty well, but like, if I can’t afford a Birkin, who are these people? I’d, like, have to ask my business manager and they’d definitely say no.”

Mindy Kaling, making everyone feel better about their bank accounts since 2011.

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