Miranda Kerr Poses Topless, In 3D For Vogue Italia (NSFW)

We’re pretty sure Vogue Italia has not-so-accidentally stumbled upon man’s fantasy this month: Miranda Kerr half naked and, in 3D.

We love seeing Miranda Kerr in editorial spreads, especially since she amped up her career with some more high fashion shoots. But we have a feeling that this one is more for the boys.

For Vogue Italia‘s September issue, Steven Meisel shot Kerr in some barely-there attire. And while Vogue Italia is not the first magazine to utilize 3D photography and include those completely un-chic paper glasses, we definitely think making Miranda Kerr’s breasts three dimensional upped the ante on this editorial antic.

A Vogue press release explained the 3D transformation:

A magazine that escapes its own pages to become real in the hands of its readers. It reinvents itself and – first among fashion magazines – challenges, once again, the strict schemes of printed paper. Vogue’s new frontier is called 3D.

Emphasis ours.


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Dan Abrams, Founder