Miss Piggy Gets A Job At Vogue Paris

Emmanuelle Alt had better watch her back. Now that all the new editor-in-chief furor is over, no one can stop talking about Vogue Paris‘ newest hire, Miss Piggy.

Of course, we’re talking fictionally here. The porcine diva will star in the next Muppet movie as the magazine’s plus-sized fashion editor, a role befitting her decades-long love of fashion and her complete inability to conjugate French verbs. (No, really — can you imagine what those staff meetings would be like? “Je suis, erm, desole, Emmanuelle. I just can’t hear you!”)

The movie is set to release early next year, and tells the story of a Muppet fan who wants to save Muppet Theater from collapsing by convincing (or trying to convince) the Muppets to perform as a group again. In this version of reality, Miss Piggy has moved on to become one of the world’s most powerful fashion editors, while Gonzo runs a high-powered plumbing corporation. Animal, sadly, is institutionalized in Santa Barbara.

We’re justifiably excited about the movie, because it’s totally gratifying to see fashion make a hit at the box office, and because we cannot wait to see the costumes (and the mock spreads Piggy will be working on!). We’re having trouble deciding whether Miss Piggy will go full-on glam or pull it back for classic Paris chic. What do you think?

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