Missoni Family Still Not ‘Neglecting Any Possibility’ In Search For Vittorio

The Missoni family still has not given up hope of finding Vittorio Missoni and the three other passengers and two crew members that went missing after their plane disappeared off the coast of Venezuela on January 4.

The details of the disappearance, such as mysterious text messages and cell phone anomalies have been incredibly odd, and sometimes contradictory. Vittorio’s brother, Luca, tells WWD that “the only certain element regarding the disappearance of the BN-2 YV2615 [aircraft] and the individuals on board, are the coordinates in which the plane disappeared from the radar.” The search, however, will continue “without neglecting any possibility.”

Luca has been in Venezuela to support the land and sea rescue operations, but went back home to Italy on Sunday. He’ll return in February to follow a “ship equipped for deep sea submarine research,” which will first be be used to look for a plane that disappeared on the same route as Missoni’s five years ago and, unfortunately, still hasn’t been found. Luca and the Venezuelan police haven’t ruled out the possibility that Vittorio’s plane didn’t in fact sink, and he explains:

“For this reason, I can confirm that in Caracas not only is the search at sea and on the coast not over, but that investigations continue, without neglecting any possibility.”


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