Bag From Missing Missoni Plane Found

A bag that was stowed in the plane carrying Vittorio Missoni and five other passengers has been found on the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean sea, approximately 124 miles from Los Roques off the coast of Venezuela, where the plane had taken off on January 4.

WWD reports that according to an Italian newspaper, an Italian tourist named Giorgio Neri put his bag onto Missoni’s plane because his own, which left a few minutes after Missoni’s and was headed in the same direction, didn’t have enough room. The bag carried kitesurfing equipment, but was completely empty when it was found by a German tourist on Curaçao January 10. The tourist found Neri’s contact information labeled on the bag, got in touch, and then Neri contacted the Missoni family about the finding.

The Italian newspaper posits that the location of where the bag was found could be a new starting point for rescuers. A Missoni spokesperson also said that the family hasn’t taken the bag as a sign of the final outcome:

“They are not drawing any conclusion. This is simply another piece of an already complex puzzle.”

Anyone who might know anything about the mystery is encouraged to contact the family at


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