Marina, The 25-Foot-Tall Missoni Puppet, Loves Playing Angry Birds

Have you met Marina yet? She’s pretty, statuesque, and about 25 feet tall. She’s in town for the launch of the (now sold out) Missoni for Target collection. Since she cuts such an eye-catching figure, we chatted with Marina about her trip to New York, her plans for fashion week, and how she decides what she’s going to wear each morning. (We’re still having trouble with that last one.)

Hi Marina!

Thanks for doing this!

First off, because we have to: why didn’t you invite us to the party?!

[No response.]

Are you going to any other shows this week? Any shows you’d love to be able to see?

I’m at Lincoln Center for Luca Luca. So cool! I’d love to see all the shows but even a doll with long legs like these can’t be everywhere!

Is this your first visit to NY? If so, what’s your favorite thing so far? If not, what’s the one thing you think any visitor to NYC should do?

This is my first trip to NYC and it’s A-MA-ZING! I have to say, I immediately fell in love with Bryant Park. It’s a Marina sized lawn! A great place for me to stretch out my hinged legs.

Let’s talk style. Yours is colorful! How do you decide what to wear in the morning? Did you plan your FW outfits in advance?

It’s really all dependent on my mood. Sometimes I zig. Sometimes I zag. And sometimes I got straight for stripes. As for my fashion week outfits, OF COURSE I planned them in advance. Any stylish doll would do that. Missoni gave me so many beautiful options to wear that it was hard for me to choose! I wanted to wear it all!

You seem pretty attached to your phone. What’s your favorite app? (Besides Twitter and/or Tumblr.) What do you do to unplug?

When I’m not blogging I am playing angry birds. That game is addictive. As for unplugging, I mostly space out on my shelf. With the gorgeous view from my window it’s hard not to daydream a bit.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?

Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. – Epictetus

New York or Paris?
New York

Heels or flats?

Bright lipstick or smoky eye?
Smoky eye

Gaga or Beyonce?

The Row or Victoria Beckham?
The Row

Kate Moss or Kate Middleton?
Kate Middleton

Prince Harry or Prince William?
Prince William

All The Way Up Here [Tumblr]

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