Miuccia Prada Thinks Italian Fashion Is Being ‘Abandoned’

In a a recent interview with La Repubblica, Miuccia Prada expressed several concerns about the direction the Italian fashion industry is taking.

Prada warned that Italy’s status as a fashion mecca will deteriorate if brands are sold to foreigners:

“With the sale of our luxury labels to foreigners, our entire system risks falling into second league. Because if our brands cross our borders, the credit, glamour, fame and decision making is in the hands of others, and we are abandoned, downgraded.”

She also said that many talents are now passing up Italy for Paris. She used Raf Simons as an example, saying that, although he was already held in high regard in the fashion world, “his value will further be emphasized” at Dior. She feels that Italy’s reputation has fallen, and that outside of Italy people believe that the country has “less resources, culture, protagonists, ideas, vitality and money.” In this case, she said, “fashion goes elsewhere, looking for the best.”

Prada said that the root of this problem is the Italian press and government not taking fashion as seriously as they should, viewing it as “frivolous” despite the fact that it is an integral part of the country’s economy.


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Dan Abrams, Founder