Miuccia Prada Reads Blogs On Paper, Has Political Aspirations

This weekend Miuccia Prada showed off her much-lauded spring/summer 2011 collection in a one-off show in Beijing. Miuccia adapted the collection for the Chinese market, swapping cotton for silk and adorning the signature striped pieces in sequins. Of course, the show was also an opportunity for Miuccia to sit down with WWD and dish on globalization, political aspirations and the internet.

On fashion becoming a global experience:

I always say that up until the Seventies, fashion was white, Catholic, Western. Now fashion embraces the whole world with [different] religions, costumes, et cetera, et cetera. Before, it reflected the spirit of a small group. There is just one collection, and we don’t make specific things for specific markets, but [the clothes] try to accommodate a world which has become a lot bigger. It’s a lot more difficult in this sense…[but] I think it enriches [the design experience] because it’s bigger.

On why she opened new design studios in Paris and Hong Kong:

We decided to do this because not everyone wants to live in Milan.…I made a curious twist on the French word flâner, which means that when the people wanted to understand what was happening, they strolled the city. Now people travel the world. People really spend one day here, one day there, and then they want to spend two years here and two years there. I’d say it was almost a practical necessity…also it’s clearly an opportunity to get some young minds, fresher minds.

On becoming a politician:

WWD: I read in a previous interview that one day you’d like to enter politics. Is this true?
M.P.: Yes, it’s true.

WWD: So it’s something you are considering seriously?
M.P.: Probably, yes.

WWD: Why?
M.P.: Because politics have always been a little of my passion. And now I [could] use my work as a tool to do things other than fashion.

On blogs (!):

I have reports sent over. Every week I have a summary sent over of the positive blogs, the negative blogs and the interesting blogs. I read them on paper.

Okay, we love Miuccia, but we are so sick of fashion designers being all, “Oh, I don’t use the internet.” Anyway, here’s a side-by-side of the collection Miuccia showed in Milan in September and the revamped version she showed in Beijing on Saturday:


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