Vogue Proves It’s Passe, Features Ex-First Lady of Japan

Politics aside, the inner lover of questionable fashion choices in us was pulling for Japan’s Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyamto to come out of his sartorial scandal unscathed — if only to see what other checkered wear he had lurking in his closet. But we definitely had less of a stake than the ladies over at Vogue who apparently spent big bucks to fly Annie Leibovitz half-way around the world to shoot a story on Miyuki Hatoyama, the PM’s oddball wife, for their August issue.

Alas, it seems not even a last ditch endorsement by the venerable glossy could a political career save and last Wednesday the PM resigned his post thereby making Anna‘s expensive editorial decision look a little bit dumb — And here we thought she was supposed to be able to foretell the future. Maybe her Spidey senses could use a tune up. Ever the stubborn mule, Anna’s standing by her story. A Vogue spokesman announced, “We still plan to use the photos because the issue is about starting over.”

Oh right, the old “starting over” issue. Well, we wouldn’t want such a plum feature to go to waste. It’s not everyday you get to trade style secrets with a woman who has publicly admitted to being abducted by aliens and taking a trip to Venus a planet she described as “an extremely beautiful place” and “very green.”

Moreover, just because her colorful spouse got ousted from office because he can’t put together an outfit doesn’t mean his wife doesn’t have great style. Good call Anna–can’t wait to read this one!


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