PHOTO: What A Month Of Shows Will Do To A Model’s Feet

People really like to complain about fashion week. Because it’s so hard! We have to skip meals sometimes. And work long hours! And watch pretty clothes come down a runway on prettier people while even prettier people sit six rows in front of us. Fashion week is hard! But you know who it’s really hard on? The models.

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First of all, while we all think we’re busy, they’re going to almost as many shows and getting a head-to-toe makeover between each one. Take, for example, the exchange Women’s Wear Daily had with model Chrystal Copland, who opened Louis Vuitton this season.

What was the most not-fun thing about doing the shows?
The hair pulling. I’ve lost half of my hair in the past month because it just gets ripped out. But it’ll grow back. I mean, you just have to think you’re there to work and that’s part of your work. That’s how I get through it.

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Emphasis ours. But even worse are their feet. Their poor feet! Our feet hurt after a week of shows and we almost categorically only wear flats. Now imagine your feet were shoved into a different pair of heels five times a day, none of which fit you because who cares? Now imagine doing that every day for a month. Are you done imagining? Good. Because this is what your feet would look like.

Louis Vuitton, Spring 2012, via

Modeling’s not the hardest job in the world, but it certainly isn’t easy.

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