Model Airbrushed To Look Fatter For Healthy Magazine

This is something we’ve never heard of before: a model was airbrushed to appear heavier for the cover of Healthy magazine, a British publication that celebrates “health and wellbeing.” Apparently, in order to continue their message of healthiness, editor in chief Jane Druker demanded about 7 extra pounds be digitally put on the model’s tiny frame.

Kamilla Wladyka was hired to be Healthy’s April cover girl, but showed up to the shoot looking “really thin and unwell,” according to Druker.

“There were plenty of clothes that we couldn’t put on her because her bones stuck out too much…That’s not a reflection of what we do in our magazine, which is about good health,” Druker told the DailyMail.

For a magazine titled Healthy, we do appreciate that they felt disinclined to use an image of an underweight model on their cover. But wait…come to think of it, they did still use her. Don’t you think a better option would have been to send the model home and hire a new one?

Truth be told, the debate on photoshopping models goes both ways, even if we’ve never had to think about it in the past. Make them smaller, make them bigger — either way we’re presenting a false image to the public on what these women look like. Reality check, Ms. Druker: You’ve only furthered this model’s ability to keep up her unhealthy weight.

Healthy’s airbrushed cover of Kamilla Wladyka.

Kamilla Wladyka in a recent Rochford campaign:

[via DailyMail]

Photos courtesy of DailyMail

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