Beware: Modeling Camps Will Steal Your Money

It’s every girl’s high school dream. You’re walking through a mall with your best friend. Suddenly a super hot guy in his 20s approaches you. “Hey,” he says, smiling. “Has anyone ever told you that you should model?” He hands you and your friend each a card, tells you to call the agency that “you’d be perfect for!” Except in real life, one of two things happens.

Option one: You quickly get your cell phone out and dial the agency’s number, upon which you are told that for only $500, you can be a model like Kate Moss! It doesn’t matter how tall you are! Or how much you weigh! Only $500 will teach you everything you need to know.

Option two: You throw out the card and laugh it off. Because obviously, this was a huge scam.

Promises of overnight discovery and success have been replaced with an idea that modeling is something that can be taught, something that one must learn. Which is why all too often, that pre-teen in the mall takes the card, and begs her parents to fork over the Benjamins.

Now a sneaky new trend is popping up: Modeling Camp. A four-day workshop is being offered in New York, D.C., and Florida, promising to help girls from the ages of 12-18 perfect their runway and print modeling technique. Cost: $999. Result: Well…

The program is run by former Vogue model Heather Cole. “We replicate the professional experience,” Cole told the New York Post. But finding budding models isn’t her only goal. Building young girls’ self confidence is apparently also included in the thousand dollar tuition. “It’s great to start building confidence so in a few years they will have the social skills they’ll need.”

So, the question remains: rip off or endearing confidence builder? We vote rip off. If you’re trying to be a model, we’ll give you some advice for free. $999 will not buy you Karlie Kloss‘ height, or Gisele’s face, or Linda Evangelista‘s eyes. And you can learn to walk by watching J. Alexander on America’s Next Top Model.

So save your $999, and while you’re at it, don’t support 12-year-old’s walking down any runways. Despite the Post’s headline, sometimes it is to early to model.

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