Moises De La Renta Wants ‘Fake Ass Punks’ To Stop Using Him For Dad’s Invites

Word to the wise: don’t ask Moises de la Renta for tickets to his dad Oscar‘s runway show this season. Or next season for that matter. Or any season after that.

The younger de la Renta made it very clear he’s not a fan of any such requests when he went on a bit of a Facebook rant on Wednesday, accusing brown-nosing friends of using him to nab seats at the blue-chip event:

“Haha lol mad peeps asking me top go to #ODLR show this season but where were u when [bleep] was crazy . . . ! Nowhere! So go find ur own invites, fake ass punks . . . PS my name is Moises not Oscar and I’m not in the PR business so see you guys in hell [bleeps]! #lmfao #sweetrevenge.”

To be fair, we’d be pretty pissed off too. And we’re sure the appeals are especially grating since Moises is a fashion designer himself, and a good one at that! He also clearly has reason to be concerned about the loyalty of his acquaintances, since one of them sent a status update from his private Facebook profile in to Page Six. Maybe someone was disgruntled they couldn’t even sweet-talk their way into the standing section?

On the other hand, have you seen the sheer gorgeousness that is one of his father’s shows? We might be tempted to put in an ask, too.

[NY Post]

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