The 5 Celebrities You’re Secretly Most Thankful For

You can roll your eyes all you want, there’s no denying that the same celebrities whom you’re constantly denouncing are the names you’re Googling around the clock. The headlines containing these stars that you haven’t clicked are few and far between and guess what, we’re not judging you for it because we’re the biggest culprits. Whether it was Miley Cyrus at the VMAS or Yeezus on his 45,984th tirade, 2013 has been a generous year and it’ time to give thank to those who made it possible. Here are our five most-hated best-loved celebrities:

1. Miley Cyrus
miley cyrus 2013
Oh, Miley it’s been your year — and you’ll be the first to tell us. Your VMA performance seen around the world has changed the art of twerking as we knew it, you pulled off white spandex in your”We Can’t Stop” video,  and you starred in one of Terry Richardson’s most creep photoshoots to date — no easy fete.

2. Kimye

Everyone ‘hates’ you guys, but you don’t care because mad genius doesn’t have to time waste on basic b**tches. You brought baby North West into the world with a closet full of custom designer duds, made one of greatest videos of all time (which birthed the most magnificent parody of all time), and launched a diatribe against Louis Vuitton — this, despite being the Louis Vuitton don.

3. Cara Delevingne

Cara, whether people fashion people like it or not, you’re not going anywhere and you haven’t gained over a million Instagram followers for nothing. Your endless stream of crazy face selfies, inspirational quotes, and questionable actions have us hanging at your every move. And now that you’re delving into the music and movie business, were prepping for your full-on world domination.

4. Lindsay Lohan
lindsay lohan
Oh, Linds, just when we thought your career was over you star in The Canyons alongside a porn star and launch a fashion blog. Sure, naysayers will argue these do not a comeback make but we’ll always believe in you.

5. Amanda Bynes

This year hasn’t been easy on you — or our 7-year-old selves who idolized you — but we can’t pretend we didn’t love every second of your quarter life crisis. Not only could we take solace in your Drake obsession, your mindboggling self portraits were major pioneer in the #selfie movement.

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