Most Men Hate Strip Clubs, Probably Drink Less Than You Do

Also hate Coldplay.

Also hate Coldplay.

Not indicative of most men.

Not indicative of most men.

Beyoncé might have taken her man to a strip club to celebrate their engagement, but science now reveals that Jay-Z was either unimpressed by the quality of the drinks or spent the whole time thinking that’s somebody’s daughter up there. Well at least he enjoyed the ride over.

Esquire has published an original survey called ‘This is Normal’ so that men can find out if they’re weird and we can find out if our long-held assumptions about them are correct. While many of the revelations aren’t that revelatory — most own between three and five pairs of jeans and are moderately enticed by the prospect of buying new ones — some are more surprising. 37% don’t enjoy strip clubs at all (compared to a teensy 7% who like it immensely) and a clear majority only enjoy watching sports “a little” or not at all.

Thankfully only 6% of men have jacked off at work over the last month, though perhaps the most welcome finding is that most of them hate Coldplay — a clear win for both sexes.

And while I’m not pissed that 91% of them are overdue for a manicure, perhaps this means they should stop putting our own nails under shockingly high levels of scrutiny.

Complete results below.

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