Move Over, Thigh Gap: Here’s the Finger Trap Test to Prove Your Hotness

Stop this madness.

Stop this madness.


The latest vanity project poisoning the internet is the finger trap test.

Users in China, male and female, are actually posting selfies on Weibo (a site similar to Facebook) doing the fingertap test to see if their index finger touches their lips when they place it on their nose like they’re asking someone to be quiet. It’s what the scientific method is for inventors to people whose self-esteem is as low as Ludacris asks you to get on the dancefloor. This will of course confirm forever beyond any doubt if they are pretty or ugly. The name of the test translates in English to ““Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method.” Online, 200,000 people are discussing it, according to vocativ. It’s not science. Stop this madness.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Put you index finger under the tip of you nose.

Step 2: Rest your finger so that it’s flush to your chin.

Step 3: Smack yourself in the face because you’re buying into the finger trap test. Lower your hand, down.


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