Mystery Solved: Why Being Olivia Palermo Is Actually Hard Work

Been wondering why you often stumble upon Chanel suits and Vuitton bags—still bearing their original price tags and ripe for the second-hand taking? Well wonder no more. Apparently you have the lifestyles of the rich and richer to thank. According to the Wall Street Journal, all those pricey discards are evidence that being a socialite is really hard.

“I bought them both the same day and never used them,” explains a high-end hoarder of a pair of Valentino handbags — one of the many errors in sartorial judgement irking her from behind the piles of unworn Chanel, Gucci and Dior. In fact, designer consignment store Decadestwo estimates that 45% of the clothes it sells have never been worn because (shocker) socialites don’t actually need all the stuff they want and buy.

Moreover, they are easily led astray by salespeople with whom they’ve built personal relationships and often buy clothes to curry favor at their favorite boutiques.

Sounds like quite the undertaking. Guess an unlimited line of credit and a shopping list that reads like a highlight reel from fashion week is harder work than we thought. Harder maybe than getting backstage at a Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Forget the unworn, price tag phenomenon — the Journal has inadvertently helped solve mystery of all mysteries: Why Olivia Palermo never has time for Elle.

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Dan Abrams, Founder