PHOTOS: Brazilian ‘Model’ Ridiculed For Hurricane Sandy Shoot

A dramatic backdrop generally makes for a good fashion shoot, we’ll admit that much, but when said backdrop is the aftermath of an actual natural disaster? You might want to reconsider your choice of scenery.

Brazilian “glamour model” Nana GouvĂȘa is learning as much after she posted a series of photos to her Facebook page taken around Manhattan the day after Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the Eastern Seaboard. In the shots, she poses on top of cars crushed by falling trees, struts her stuff beside piles of strewn foliage, and cuts a striking figure in front of a blocked-off street.

The photos are taken on the Upper West Side, far away from surging storm waters, power outages, and cranes dangling 90 stories up, which makes them all the more irksome — or, depending on your vantage point, entertaining.

The Internet has, typically, capitalized on the situation with Nana GouvĂȘa in Disasters Facebook and Tumblr pages, featuring the model Photoshopped into scenes like the Tiananmen Square massacre, raging forest fires, and the sinking of the Titanic.

Our take? Clearly she and American Apparel are on the same page here. We think they’ve found their newest campaign model.

[h/t Gawker]

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