Plus Size Woman Skewers American Apparel’s ‘XLent’ Model Search

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when American Apparel launched what we called “the most uncomfortable and out of touch plus-sized model hunt in the history of model hunts”? Well, it’s still going. And one absolutely awesome lady apparently felt the same way and decided to enter — by giving the beleaguered brand a taste of its own, “XLent” medicine.

Armed with a cart full of groceries, a talented friend with a camera, and a free Sunday afternoon, Upton posed gorging on roast chicken, bathing in ranch dressing, and holding a cherry pie over her nether parts. In an interview with Jezebel, Upton explained the impetus behind the shoot and her submission.

I read Margaret’s article about the contest on your website and followed the link over. I immediately thought, based on the way it was written, “Wow, they really have zero respect for plus-sized women. They’re going to line them up like cattle and make puns about them until they’re blue in the face.” And then, as corny as it sounds, it just occurred to me that based on their “Hey, come on, fatties, we want you to play, too” tone, wouldn’t it be kind of brilliant to respond in a, “Thanks for letting me play, just let me try put down the pizza, first” similar mocking tone.

It was, in other words, a stroke of genius. And for what it’s worth, Upton is currently winning the contest.

Take that, American Apparel.

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