Naomi Preps For 40th Birthday Bash

How to celebrate the birthday you never thought you’d make it to? Well, if you’re Naomi Campbell, you do it up in a dramatic fashion and make your rich Russian boyfriend throw you an over-the-top party on the French Riviera.

But come on, it’s not like this is just any ole’ birthday. For starters, the super is turning the big 4-0, a milestone for any model. And as Page Six points out, the occasion is particularly poignant because it also marks one year for Campbell and her billionaire beau (aww — how do you say congratulations in Russian?)

Anyway, we’ve got high hopes for this super shindig. A Titanic-sized yacht and gallons of Cristal champagne are to be expected, but we’re crossing our fingers for a little something slightly more havoc-filled. It is Naomi we’re talking about. A shotgun wedding? Kate Moss in her birthday suit jumping out of a towering cake? At the very least a celebratory walk-off. All we know is someone better leave with a black eye.

Regardless, we would give our left kidney to go — for the people watching (and champagne bathing) alone. Who knows maybe Ms. Campbell will get charitable — as has been her recent mood — and give us mere mortals a shot. We’ll check and let you know.

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