PHOTOS: Naomi Campbell Plays With A Naked Corpse

If you were neither scared of nor creeped out by international diva supermodel Naomi Campbell before this morning, please prepare to be so affected.

Campbell just celebrated her 25th year in the modeling business and is starting her 26th year with a Mert and Marcus story for Interview magazine. In it, the super’s main accessory is a corpse so freshly killed it has not yet experienced rigor mortis.

You know what this looks like? This looks like Campbell ran in on the tail end of that scene in Eastern Promises in which a naked Viggo Mortensen is attacked by hit men in a steam room. Except Campbell is the hitman (hitwoman?) and manages to best her victim while wearing five-inch patent leather stiletto booties. And then she plays around with his body.

We will say, though, in the one picture where she’s not imitating a beautiful spider toying around with a little fly caught in its web, she does look drop dead gorgeous. Pun intended.

It’s a gruesome take on that Steven Klein brand of story telling we’ve seen in places like Lady Gaga‘s “Alejandro” — super creepy, but just try to look away.

Check out the corresponding interview, conducted by gallery owner Tony Shafrazi, on Interview’s website.

[Photos via ONTD! and YVYMag]

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