Spoiler Alert! Naomi To Address Blood Diamond On Oprah

It’s no secret that Naomi Campbell’s reputation isn’t exactly sparkling. But between those bouts of phone throwing, camera man-assaulting and the shit-storm of bad press surrounding a very questionable diamond; things have quickly gone from bad girl to worse. Now with a 40th birthday on the horizon, it seems she’s going on a PR offensive — maybe that guest list was looking a little sparse. 

WWD reports Naomi has dragged her mom, Valerie and billionaire Russian boyfriend all the way to Chicago for an image boosting appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show which will air Monday. Hey, it worked for Jay Leno, right?

But don’t expect Naomi to get off with a “Hey doll” and a handshake. In fact, according to sources, the Big O not only forces the embattled Ms. Campbell to open up about some bloody secrets, but also gets her so sign a special “No Phone Zone” pledge that includes provisions against “Phone Throwing.” It all sounds pretty hard-hitting.

But as for a pledge against accepting conflict diamonds from African dictators… well, you’ll just have to watch and see.  Remember to set that DVR, but rest assured — we’ll have video.

Via WWD.

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