Coles And Rodriguez Go To The Learning Annex

We’ve always had a hunch that one of our favorites, Marie Claire‘s editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, had just the slightest case of Anna envy. (Who doesn’t?) See: the eerily similar blond hair cuts, the waft of an accent, and not to mention Coles’ brief stint as an icy British editor for the short-lived reality series “Running in Heels”. (And yes, there’s a good possibility I was the only person that watched this show.) But after a week-long learning experience at Vogue sold on the auction block for a cool $42,000 — what’s a rival editrix to do?

Get a teaching gig of your own, obviously — except we’re kind of having a tough time picturing Ms. Wintour anywhere within a 5-block radius of New York’s Learning Annex. And according to the center’s star-studded course catalogue, come a few weeks, that’s exactly where you’ll find Coles — along with co-conspirator Narcisco Rodriquez.

“Do you want to break into the magazine business? Do you want to design your own fashion collection?” Then, suggests the nebulous of all continuing education, you should swiftly hoof it on down to the Annex to learn what it takes to succeed from this duo of industry insiders. Now, we can’t even begin to guess what prompted the pair to partner with the Annex — but, hopefully it was lots of money.

And that said, it looks as if they might have some stiff competition for pupils.  There’s Bravo’s Chad Rogers‘ class on “Buying and Selling Real Estate,” not to mention the world’s most famous clown Barry Lubin’s lecture on “Becoming a Child Entertainer,” and who could pass up an evening of Tarot Card reading with a real-life psychic?

Can’t wait to see who turns up front row for this one…

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