Natalia Vodianova Defends ‘It’s Better To Be Skinny Than To Be Fat’ Remarks

Natalia Vodianova has taken to Facebook to defend those “it’s better to be skinny than to be fat” comments from last weekend’s Vogue Festival.

She starts off by giving a bit of context:

I guess the reaction of the press is expected to be negative when I said it’s better to be skinny then to be fat at the Vogue Festival this past weekend. However on the background of arriving from China where most people leave under the poverty line and have to share food and watch how much they eat to survive and on the background of how I grew up where sometimes I had to skip meals so there would be food for my little disabled sister and that feeling of missing bread so much some days because on some days we had no money to buy any (reason I had ulcers as little girl was constant irregular eating) could give an explanation why I felt moved to give another prospective on this issue.

She then takes aim at the food and diet industries:

I felt angry actually now I think about it. Our industry is scrutinised for giving false image and criteria of beauty and provoking eating disorders however there are other industries that might be even more to blame like food industry that constantly reinventing ways of pushing food on us. Makes people stuff fridges with food, buying pills, millions of books on diets, shopping for the right clothes to hide those extra few pounds, beauty products. I guess some would say that’s what makes our economy go around. Yes, I choose to do more and eat less. Sorry world economy, I am a bad client!

Vodianova also explains that she was joking around with her friends (“Lily, Eva, and Jourdan”) on stage, and that journalists misinterpreted her remarks. Learning about the model’s background inddeed shed some light on what she told the Vogue Festival audience, and she does make some interesting points about cultural attitudes toward food and weight.

What do you think about the controversy?


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