Model Credits ‘Mile-Long’ Legs With Saving Her From Photoshop

Most models have really long legs. This is a fact, nay, requirement of the job. So when a model talks about having mile-long legs, you kind of want to roll your eyes and ask if she has two arms, a nose, and a belly button, too. But in Natalie Keyser’s case, the 18-year-old model featured in today’s edition of WWD’s Model Call, her legs are so long, they don’t even need to be photoshopped! No, really! Her words, not ours.

Check it out:

What’s your greatest asset in terms of your look?
I think I’m really versatile. I have really high cheekbones and I like my legs — they are miles long. They don’t ever have to Photoshop more of them in.

What do you mean?
Oh I’ve heard that a lot of the time they have to use Photoshop to make the legs look longer.

WWD leaves it at that (their next question begins, “Photoshop aside…”), but we were both fascinated and appalled. This girl is a model, someone who gets paid for being beautiful (among other things), and she thinks her greatest feature is the one that doesn’t need to be photoshopped.

Honestly, why hire models at all? Designers and photographers should just start hiring life-size (or ideal-sized) dummies with two-mile long legs and a blank mask for a face, then fill in all the details with CGI and call it a day. That way there wouldn’t be this pesky thing called “reality” interfering with their creative vision.

Natalie, in all her (hopefully) unphotoshopped glory:

Model Call: Natalie Keyser [WWD]

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