Natalie Portman Goes Hiking With The Mulleavy Sisters

Natalie Portman is Vogue‘s January cover girl, and in the accompanying article we learn some things about the Black Swan star. Our favorite quote? This one:

“In New York, I have probably 50 people that I’m very close to — so there’s constant interaction, but I don’t really see anyone regularly because it’s 50 people, whereas in Los Angeles I have five friends, and I see them every day. It’s the first time I’ve had really close girlfriends. Kate and Laura Mulleavy have schedules that are similar to mine, so we can go for a hike at noon, or to the museum in the middle of the day.”

There are four things this teaches us:

1. Natalie is way more popular in New York than she is in LA.

2. She’s apparently always been a guy’s girl and not a girl’s girl.

3. In keeping with her Harvard pedigree, the brainy actress goes to museums.


It’s not like we don’t go spinning with the Proenza Schouler boys or do bikram yoga with Alexander Wang. We just had no clue that Natalie had super awesome fashion exercise activity buddies, too. Natalie, welcome to the club! Let’s all go to Pilates with Zac Posen!

And as a bonus, here is the video from her Vogue cover shoot:

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