Tanning Salon Promotes Native American’s ‘Sexy Color’ for Thanksgiving

This just in: The Indians brought more than just ‘CORN’ to the first Thanksgiving… they brought SEXY ‘COLOR’! Rewriting history as we know it is Club Sun Tanning Salons, who unearthed the shocking historic revelation in their latest promotional campaign. In the ad, there’s a model dressed up as a Native American — feather headdress, fringe, et all — sporting one of their glowing tans, next to a pale model dressed up as a pilgrim.

Killing two birds with one stone, the Alabama-based salon not only uses the ever-controversial ‘Indian’ garb costume, but then proceedes to stereotype Native American skin color. It appears that the ad, which originally appeared on their Facebook page, has been taken down.

Even more mind-boggling than the thought process behind this campaign, is the fact that they have yet to release any kind of apology. See the ad, below:

worst tanning salon ad ever

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