Is Stella McCartney Collaborating On Nelson Mandela’s Clothing Line?

It’s not like we’re surprised or anything, but we have to say we’re really impressed with the line of sportswear inspired by civil rights activist and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Maybe it has something to do with the way our own government officials have been dressing lately, but Mandela’s line, named 46664 after the number he was assigned while he was imprisoned for 27 years, is refreshingly colorful and tailored. It’s filled with bright solid colored knits and lots of prints. There are also a lot of thoughtful details, like the contrasting trim applied on the inside of the shirt cuffs, and the necklaces and other accessories will more than likely be best sellers on their own.

And given how important this line of clothing is to the country where it’s produced, that’s a good thing. The decision to produce the clothes in South Africa with South African materials is an attempt to boost the local economy. But according to Women’s Wear Daily, it might have some international help coming to back it up.

While the collection is designed locally, there are plans to invite international designers to collaborate on future lines. Rumors are rife, in fact, that the first such guest designer would be Stella McCartney. A brand representative declined to confirm whether this was true, but said: “We would of course be honored to have someone of Ms. McCartney’s standing aligned to this incredible brand.”

And who wouldn’t? McCartney is a great designer and a great collaborator, having worked with everyone from Gap Kids to H&M to Adidas (we even hear she’s designing the sportswear for the British 2012 Olympic team). If 46664 wants an international presence, a collaboration with a big name designer just might do the trick. But for the time being, we think the label looks pretty good standing on its own two feet. Take a look at the line below.


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Dan Abrams, Founder