American Apparel Replaces Models With Hand-Drawn Ads

What do you do if you’re Dov Charney and your particular brand of soft-porn styled advertising images are starting to wear thin and your company is sitting tight on the verge of bankruptcy? You have to cut corners somewhere, right? Well, according to ads in this week’s Village Voice and and the current issue of Vice, you forgo hiring models for hand-drawn images that look exactly like your old ads.

Perhaps Charney and his in-house ad team thinks they’re being clever — it’s just a drawing! — but these ads don’t make us want to buy American Apparel any more than the old ads did. Because in the real world, assless tights look uncomfortable and you don’t have to handover your hard-earned cash to a retailer in order to successfully walk around naked.

It’s also worth noting, as CopyRanter does, that these ads look remarkably similar to a series of fake ads posted in and around New York City. A tongue-in-cheek homage? Or blatant rip-off? You decide.

[via CopyRanter]

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