New Images Prove Target Is Using Photoshop to Add Thigh Gaps

We see someone getting fired in the very near future.

We see someone getting fired in the very near future.

There is no way Target can successfully deny Photoshopping “thigh gaps” onto junior’s swimsuit models because it was terribly noticeably done multiple times. The image of a young model missing half of her crotch thanks to a botched retouching swirled around the Internet this morning. Target removed those images, but they aren’t even the worst of them. The poor model was excessively retouched in other photos as well. The white space cutting through her backside looks like damning proof that Target is in fact adding thigh gaps, and someone definitely needs to be fired.

Target Back

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. There is a white tulip shaped line slicing into this girl. Here is a closeup.

Close Up Bird Print

We can all agree that this kind of digital retouching is damning for young girls to see. But what we can’t understand is why they targeted this teen in particular. The other swimsuit models have realistic curves that were left untouched in a way that would make us applaud Target if we didn’t know better. We can only assume the company utilizes various retouchers, hence the disparity in images.

Target Healthy

These are the original photos that Target has since removed from their website.

Original Leopard

Close Up Leopard

We see a public apology coming very soon.

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