The 2013 Beauty Trends You Need to Nail Before New Year’s Eve

There are some 2013 trends you should definitely not include on your packing list for next year. Those are the things to stop wearing now, deny you ever liked, and un-tag all the Facebook photos of yourself wearing.

But things that scream “twenty thirteen” don’t have to simultaneously suck. There are some that are worthy of being showered in champagne, seen on a couple of dance floors, and spending the next morning with you a little worn out and ready for a super-strength makeup wipe. We’re taking about Pat McGrath’s gold-plated Dior brows, Amy Adams‘ fiercely sexy American Hustle hair and the perfect frosted pastel lips – all the beauty looks that were Instagrammed, reblogged, and featured in “runway to real life” tutorials this year. They might not have been invented in 2013, or may not yet have even reached the height of their popularity trajectory – but they’re all inextricably tangled up with the year of ironic grills and mysterious pixie cuts.

So if you pinned them to your digital mood board but never really found good reason chance to brocade your brows or channel a vampire this year, New Year’s Eve is just the anything-goes opportunity you need to get a little ballsy with your beauty routine. Of course you could just wear a really sparkly dress, but when it comes to weighing up the benefits of a My Little Pony lip, just ask yourself, “what would Beysus do?”

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