5 Tips For Surviving New Year’s Eve In Style

Another new year means another round of New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world, and if you plan on doing any form of celebrating tonight that involves leaving the comfort of your home, there are a few things you can do to make sure the night goes off without a hitch.

1. Tweet happy birthday to Diane von Furstenberg, who turns 64 years young today. If anything can bring you good fortune in 2011, it’s sending a little digital love to the most powerful woman in the world, right?

2. Charge your phone. Something about being out and having fun seems to drain the lifeblood from the portable supercomputers we call mobile phones. Or maybe it’s because your Net-A-Porter app has been running nonstop since June.

3. Warm your pockets If you’re not in Fiji or certain parts of the South, it’s quite possible that no amount of bundling up will keep tonight’s widespread cold (and rain, and snow) at bay. Pocket warmers like Hot Snapz or Grabbers will give your studded leather or wool knit gloves an added boost — and keep your extremities functioning into 2011.

4. Wear something season appropriate. You know that friend you have who thinks she won’t get pneumonia wearing a slinky cocktail dress and a pair of slingbacks so long as she wears a super heavy coat and scurries when she’s outdoors? She’s wrong. (Also, if you don’t know her, you probably are her.) Wear layers and stay warm — especially tonight, when temperatures in some areas of the country will be in the negatives. And honestly, would you rather stay warm in tweed or get sick in silk?

5. Go for sparkle. If there’s one night of the year when you can get away with looking like a walking disco ball, it’s tonight. (Apologies if you were a walking disco ball for Halloween.) You don’t have to actually wear tons of mirrored tiles, though — being shinier than anyone else in the room is a swipe of eyeshadow and a few cocktail rings away.

Most importantly, have fun and stay safe — that way, you can come right back here and catch up on all the news of the fashion industry here on Styleite tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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Dan Abrams, Founder