Nick Gruber Will Now Be ‘Servicing’ The Community, Says TMZ

It’s been two years now since Nick Gruber first entered the spotlight as Calvin Klein‘s twenty-year-old former gay porn star boyfriend. Suffice it to say it was scandalous at first, especially when the now 69-year-old designer went around throwing lavish parties for him and undertaking construction on his mansion to accomodate his future automobiles.

Things really hit the fan after they broke up, however, when in April when the younger half of the relationship was arrested and charged with assault, cocaine possession, and resisting arrest. Klein promptly flew him to rehab and since May Gruber has been clean and sober, at least according to his Facebook status. You’d think this would be the point where people stop caring/writing about him, but alas, he’s been spotted galavanting with erotic models of the female variety lately, so apparently he is still newsworthy. Sigh.

In what we hope is the last we hear of this saga, the New York Post reports that the 22-year-old pleaded guilty to the possession charges in court yesterday and got off with 20 days community service. He was also accompanied by a female companion named Nastia who sounds like quite a character:

“She wearing short-shorts, a lacey pink bra and a cut-up, sleeveless T-shirt that said, ‘Don’t Give A,’ above a large drawing of a man having sex with a naked woman from behind.”

Charming. What would Calvin think? Apparently he has been helping Gruber with his recovery, though, as we learn from TMZ‘s clip of their cameramen accosting him outside of a restaurant earlier this week:

“He’s been supportive of my sobriety. I’ve been keeping clean, which is good. I’ve been fully clean on drugs and alcohol.”

Good for him! Too bad TMZ’s “article” ends with the following:

Unclear if the community is all he’ll be servicing.


[NY Post and TMZ]

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