Is Nicki Minaj’s Forthcoming Clothing Line Going To Be Full Of Knockoffs?

Justin Bieber isn’t the only star to have snagged a Complex cover. Nicki Minaj also fronts the magazine’s 10th anniversary, and one of her interview answers is giving us some serious pause.

Miss Info chatted up Minaj for the cover story, and this is what the rapper had to say about her current projects:

“I’m working on my fragrance and my apparel line. They took stuff that I’ve worn, focused on what I like, and then they started doing sketches. They’re pretty amazing. I was like ‘Oh my God, the kids are going to love this.’ It’s not gonna get done overnight, but I know that it’s something they’re going to love.”

Hmmmm. She makes it sound like her team is basically ripping off pieces she’s worn by other designers — and this wouldn’t be the first time. Back in the fall, Minaj wore a pom-pom top which designer Jessica Rogers claimed was a direct knockoff of her work. Why did she think that? Because Minaj’s stylist had gotten in contact with Rogers and asked to borrow one of her pieces. In turn, Rogers sent over photos of design ideas for Minaj. The stylist never followed back up with Rogers, and months later Minaj stepped out in a puff ball piece that seemed more than inspired by the indie designer.

We don’t know for certain if the styling team stole Rogers’s design, but Minaj’s quote in Complex makes us believe this is very possibly her MO when it comes to “designing”. We definitely wouldn’t be surprised if we have a whole this-thing-looks-like-that-thing situation on our hands when the line drops.


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