Nicki Minaj Responds to ‘Anaconda’ Cover Controversy by Instagramming ‘Acceptable’ Asses


She might have a new single dropping next week, but Nicki Minaj has wasted no time segueing into a new role: Ass Acceptability Analyst.

The move comes off the back of controversy that came off the back of the cover art for her new single “Anaconda,” hitting iTunes on July 28th. Yesterday, the cover art hit the internet. Let’s just say no one cared very much for Azealia Banks‘ spandex-clad “Heavy Metal” promo pic.

Obviously Twitter had a field day with the album art, memeing Minaj into everything from the Google logo to #Anacondrake. I’m personally disappointed in the lack of poorly photoshopped advertisements for Oral-B’s new line of candy-colored dental floss, but we’ll move on.

Minaj took most of the funnier tributes(?) lightly, but has no time for the collective pearl-clutching coming from some corners of the internet. (I’m looking at you, middle American dads taking those Yahoo accounts into previously unchartered territory.) In response, she raised an important Instagram debate about the role adipose tissue plays in the ass acceptability conversation.

To submit your own ass for consideration, tag @nickiminaj, stock up large in the oral hygiene aisle, and make sure to tip your waxer well.





“Angelic. Acceptable. Lol”

Well played, Nicki Minaj. But as always, Twitter gets the last word:

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